2006 Northern California Renaissance Faire

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October 7

I have pics from October 7, but not October 8, and I don't know why, oh well.

This is when I got my new phone, so all of these pics were taken on my phone.


The back view (thanks Chrissy for taking these!).


Up my skirts!


Me with one of my most favorite artists Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, and her little fairy.


October 14, last weekend of Faire :(

A baby in line at the ale stand.


Me in my new gypsy costume.


Jeremy from the Morris Dancers.


Close up of me in my gypsy costume.

Me and Chrissy.


My backside, as only Chrissy can capture, lol.


Me with John and Casey. Thanks to Gloria from NICU for this photo!


October 15

This shot is a little blurry due to someone moving while taking the photo. Alison & Greg, John, Some guy, Casey, me, Blanca, and Stephen.

good times. :)