Big Sur Camping Day 2 part I

I got up around 9am, and went up to the Ranger Station first thing to find out where I was going to move. All the way up to the end of the Woods section. Yipee! I was excited. I had walked around the campground the night before, and I was really into that section. A grounds worker (an elderly friendly guy) told me that it was one of the best sites in the campground, and I'd have to agree.

The ranger station-- look! daisies! As soon as I saw these, I laughed, and ran up to them to smell them, and take pictures of them.

There's even a bee on one! I love daisies.

I went up to the main showers after that (less of a line and nicer than the beach one). In California, the state parks have pay showers, so always bring your quarters with you camping. I knew this, and came prepared. I didn't have to wait that long, and I met a few nice people in the bathroom anyway.

I went back to my beach site then, and had some cereal for breakfast (most people were eating early lunches now). Those pesky Stellar's Jays (the same as at Lake Tahoe) were bothering people for bites, and a fat squirrel watched the location of food with precision. Several campers had been seeing raccoons (I never saw one, except for a dead one that I almost stepped on on the side of the road). Farah said she had one of her boys fling a scorpion out of their campsite into the stream the day I arrived.

After breakfast, I moved to my new spot.

My new spot-- look there's a place for me to sit by the fire! I have since bought a camp chair for my next adventure, lol.

I re-set up my camping environment, then headed down to the bathroom. On my way, I met a woman named Debbie and her two dogs Noah and Ace. Ace is Noah's son. She was set-up 2 spots down from me. Debbie was camping with her husband for the week, and they had been a little limited by the dogs who were only allowed on leashes at the beach, and not allowed at all on the trails. I walked the dogs with Debbie for a bit.

Across from my campsite, me with Ace and Noah.

Debbie spotted this deer down by the creek campsites, this picture was taken from up at the woods campsites.

Flowers in the campground.

The creek in the campground, as seen from the little bridge that leads to the beach campsites.

A tree blossom in the campground.

After walking the dogs for a bit, I told Debbie I wanted to hit the trails, and I'd see her later.

That bridge is the start of all the trails, they split shortly after that.

Carpets of clover all over the forests of Central Coastal California.

The infamous Banana Slug of California.

A sign on a bench in the woods.

Me inside a giant sequoia, taken by a hiker passing by.

First view of the falls at Limekiln State Park.

Much closer to the falls, now you can see glimpses of the clear pools.

The main clear pool under the falls.

One of the Limekilns that the park is named after.

side of one of the limekilns.

Me in front of one of the limekilns, taken by a hiker passing by.

Looking down at all the limekilns.

Spider in his large perfect masterpiece.

a happy tree.

After my hike, I went back to my campsite, and ate some tuna and crackers.