Dickens Fair with the Brunos and friends

Saturday, November 25, 2006:

Alex, Tesser, Jay, Dave, Brian, Sam, Renee


Chris, Jason, Alex, Gabe, Jeremy


Sunday, November 26, 2006:

Alex, Dierdre, Kevin H., Jason


Alex, Ron, Jeremy, Gabe, and Jason


Gabe and Jeremy


Alex, Jeremy, Jason, Gabe, John H., and Ron


John H., Jason, Gabe, and Jeremy


Alex, Jeremy, Gabe (sorry it's blurry, I moved)


Gabe, Jeremy, Alex, and Jason wondering why Jay isn't playing his solo that leads them in to another round of sleights.


Jason, Ron, Alex, John H., and Gabe


Christina, Jay, and Kevin H. playing in the Bruno booth.


Jeremy playing the Turkish banjo in the Bruno booth.


Alex looking out from the Bruno booth


Alex and Jason looking out from the Bruno booth