Crissy's 21st Birthday Party

In Oakland, at her home

February 23, 2007


Lenore, Crissy, and Nicole



Dane, Laura, and Will



Jeremy, Don Brown, and Kristi (me)



Kaliope and her daddy John



Kaliope's mommy Brianna with Aya



Kaliope plays the drum in her Hawaiian skirt



Chris R. and Malaika. One can only wonder what their conversation is about as Chris holds a purple sippy cup, and has a drinking game behind him... :)



Birthday girl Crissy and Kevin C.



Alex, Laura, Chris M., and Kevin H. (is he awake?)



Kaliope with Larry



Living room jam with Crissy, Unkown!, Brianna, Dane, Will, Larry, Kevin H., Brian, and I believe that's Laura's hair in the foreground.



Crissy's little brother Gabe is having fun



Crissy's mom brings her the birthday cake as everyone sings



Marina and Kristi (drinking a Corona to match the Corona hat)