Me and my family 2002 - 2003


March 29, 2002: Me and my cousin Anna Resor at her apartment in Champaign, IL (I was visiting in IL).


Spring 2002: My brother Andrew in the Navy in the nuclear submarine program.


April 14, 2002: Me near my new home in Napa, CA.


June 2002: My mom Karen with Ashley, visiting in Napa, CA.


Summer 2002: my sister Sarah Giuliani at new home in Wisconsin


Fall 2002: My cousin Anna Resor (U of I photo)


Fall 2002: My sister Sarah Giuliani, grade 9, age 14


November 2002: My sister Sarah and her boyfriend (at the time) Brenton, dressed for performance in The Wizard of Oz.


November 28, 2002 (Thanksgiving): My stepdad Dennis, my mom, and me in a tree we climbed in Orange County, CA (my new home again at this point).


Spring 2003: My sister Sarah ready to go to the prom.


May 24, 2003: Day after my 28th birthday, I'm on Adam's new motorcycle-- Honda CBR600RR (that he got on my birthday). I'm wearing my new motorcycle jacket that Adam got me for my birthday. This pic was taken in our parking garage in Newport Beach, CA.


May 27, 2003: My good friend JoAnne and me at the Orange County airport (she was leaving after a visit with me).


Summer 2003: My sister Sarah in her backyard in Wisconsin.


Aug 2, 2003: my mom and me (looking like a tard) at Grandpa Bill's 90th birthday party in Danville, IL


August 2, 2003: my aunt Joyce, grandpa Bill Sturgeon, aunt Judy, and my mom (Karen), in Danville, IL


Aug 2, 2003: Grandpa Bill and his girlfriend Beulah with his grandchildren: Miranda, Kim, Matthew, me, and Danielle


August 2, 2003: My cousin Tammy Tallman and me (Kristi) :)


Fall 2003: my stepsister Brittany Scott, senior year, age 17


Fall 2003: my sister Sarah and her boyfriend (at the time) Brenton, ready for Homecoming 2003.