Fremont Peak State Park

Page 2: May 1, 2006

I definitely saved the best for last. I took the other trail leading from my campground that goes up to the top of Fremont Peak this time. Not only was it a beautiful day, but the scenery was breathtaking. I loved it!


The view in one direction on my way up.


Another shot near where the last was taken. This was so amazing in person. And it was not overrun with people. The only other people I encountered on this trail were an older mexican couple and someone with them who were all out for a light stroll.


I love the green grass and California poppies this time of year.


If you look beyond this rocky hill, beyond the hill below that, and beyond the dense patch of clouds, you can kind of make out a city in the valley below-- that's where I live. The mountains beyond that lead to Monterey and the ocean.


You can almost see the curve of the earth up here!


The sign at the top, along with a flag pole. Nice place to sit for a bit with 360 degree views of mountains and valleys-- truly astounding!


Here, at the top, you can see the city below a little better.


Another view in another direction.


Another view, towards the back side.


On my way down, this squirrel posed for me just long enough to capture his/her image.

It was a great trip to get back into camping, but I was anxious to get back to the kittens. I stopped at the Walmart in town, then made my way home--normally 5 minutes from there. It took me 45 minutes to an hour! My main road that I lived on was blocked off, there were at least 100 police and sheriff vehicles, and throngs of people. An officer directed me to an alternate route, which took me through the east side of town (the bad side of town). The traffic was bumper to bumper, and the sidwalks--though fuller-- were going faster. There were Mexican flags hanging out of cars, being flown on the sidewalks, and even an upside down American flag in a truck. The soccer field near my house was filled with people, so I was wondering if maybe there had been a big soccer game, but this seemed more political. When I finally got home, my next door neighbor was outside. He is white, but his fiance and her daughter are from Mexico. I asked him if he had any idea what was going on, and he asked me if I was serious. I said "well, I've been camping, and basically under a rock, so if you could fill me in." He proceeded to tell me about the measures going through congress about immigration laws, and the Mexican "work-out" boycott and rallies going on this day across the country. He is a school teacher, and said that of his normal 32 students, only 13 had come to school that day, and his stepdaughter-to-be tried to get out of going to school, but they made her go. I thanked him for the information, then went inside, and looked out my bedroom window at the 6 motorcycle cops at Starbucks, and two special operations trucks/suvs below. Stephen (my neighbor) had said that he though the march would come through here, but they never did. I could here people on a bull horn from the soccer park, and other noise in that direction. A plane frequented in circles above. Today (the next day) things seem to be back to normal. An interesting thing did happen when I took the cats out yesterday, though, but that I'll put in the "kitty pages."