August 17, 2005: Tasha B. and Kristi (me!)


October 23, 2005: Me, Laura (Bertha's daughter), and Bertha.


October 23, 2005: At Bertha's daughter's baby shower, Bertha is on far left, then dancing are: Claudia, Stephanie, Lupe, and me.


May 23, 2006: Me and Maria at Sapporo's Sushi bar in Monterey for my 31st bday.


June 8, 2006: At Black Bear Diner for breakfast. Back Row: Robin, Kristi M (me), and Caren. Front Row: Kim, Jackie, and Kristy B.


July 4, 2006: Kristy B and me on the back walkway of my apartment building watching fireworks.


August 11, 2006: Me and Caren


August 15, 2006: Angela (on maternity leave) and me at our NRP class.


Late August 2006: Maria and me sewing and having fun. Lupe is the glowing eyes at the top of the cat tower.


October 31, 2006: Mellissa A., me, and Stephanie M. at The Mucky Duck in Monterey for Halloween.