Kitty Pages, page 10: Fall 2006



September 23, 2006: Dagger and the fox tail that they were all originally terrified of.


Dagger's Ralph's bag Matrix incident, September 24, 2006


Dagger was investigating the Ralph's bag, and somehow got his neck through the handle. He walked slowly around the bedroom like this with his "Ralph's cape." Finally he freaked out and took off running full speed down the hall to the foyer where he ran sideways across the walls "matrix style." Then he came flying back down the hall, jumped over the washing machine (spraying urine across the laundry room), and settled himself between the back of the washer and the wall. I was able to reach back and pull the bag off of him. He was shaking, so I just let him be for awhile. Poor kitty.



Dagger behind the washer and dryer during the Ralph's bag Matrix incident.



Ashley hiding behind the toilet in the master bathroom during Dagger's Ralph's bag Matrix incident.

There are no pics of Lupe during this incident, because--of course--she was out of there!



September 2006: Lupe and Dagger play fighting.


October 5, 2006: Dagger posing for my practice with "night mode" on my new camera phone.


October 13, Scary Dagger


October 29, 2006: Lupe's cute little feet close-up with the camera-phone


November 6, 2006: Dagger hiding under the seasonal rug that I had just put out.

November 10, 2006: Lupe inviting me to lay down on the carpet with her


November 12, 2006: Lupe is bothered about something...


She's going to check it out.