Mom and Dennis visit me in Monterey County California:

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Mom and Dennis arrived in the wee hours of morning (like 2am or something?) on Thursday, August 10. They landed in Oakland, then rented what was supposed to be a car, but turned out to be a 15-passenger van, and drove down to Salinas. They stopped at the hospital (where I was at work) to pick up apartment keys and directions, and to say "hi." When I got off work, they came and made use of their big van and picked me and my friends up for breakfast!

Day 1: Thursday, August 10, 2006:

Breakfast at First Awakenings in downtown Salinas. L-R: Victoria Z., Kristi M. (me), Kristy B., Bertha, Mina (half asleep), Cyndi (a native Texan), Dennis, and Karen (my mom).


Ashley and Dagger got to go down to the courtyard for a sunshine visit with their grandparents. Here Dennis pets his grandkitty Dagger.


Mom and I went for pedicures at the nail salon outside my apartment building. We chose different colors, but the same flowers. I'm on the left.

After this, I had to go to bed, and mom and Dennis had a quiet evening.

Day 3: Friday, August 11, 2006:

We left in the morning, and headed west, then south to Big Sur for a light hike. Here's a California Poppy that we saw along the trail.


Dennis by a Redwood. He was so excited about the hike (understandably). Mom and I called him "nature boy" while we were hiking, lol.


Me on a foot bridge hiking in Big Sur.


Dennis and Mom on the footbridge.


Mom and me sitting on a tree limb over a stream in Big Sur.


Mom and Dennis on the tree limb in front of a waterfall in Big Sur.


McWay Falls in Big Sur. It was a typical coastal cloudy day.


Mom and Dennis at McWay Falls in Big Sur.


Mom and me at McWay Falls in Big Sur.

We ate lunch at a neat restaurant on the north side of Big Sur called Nepenthe. The food was good, and the view was spectacular. There's a neat shop there that we had fun in too.

We went back to my place after that, as I had arranged for a "game night" and my friends Kristy B. and Caren were coming over. We played several games and had a good time. It was funny because Dennis was the only one who didn't have another person there that shared his name. lol.

Kristy B., Kristi M. (me), Caren M., Dennis, and Karen S. (my mom).