Oahu, HI, Day 4, part 2: Monday, January 8, 2007


After swimming at Waikiki Beach, we went back up to the hotel room for showers, and resting before we went shopping, and then for dinner.

I am fixing Sarah's hair for our afternoon out.


Sister time!


French braids are handy when it's warm outside.


Sarah and I shower affection on the guard of the King's Village shopping center.


Looking up through a tree.


View from our table at our final dinner together. Good thing we are this far from the outside, a storm came in, and pounded the place with rain!


One last evening meal in Oahu: Sarah, Kathie, Kristi.

I had to catch a bus to the airport after this, then fly all night back home to the airport in San Francisco.

I came home to mild weather. This is what Kathie and Sarah flew home to the next day:

Their back yard in Wisconsin.


Shoveling the sidewalk while the dog watches.