In June, my sister Sarah graduated highschool in Denmark, Wisconsin. Her highschool colors were gold and purple, hence the color scheme for these pages. I flew over to be with her for this and see my family whom I hadn't seen in 5 years, and some of them 8 or more years. We had a great time, as I hope the pictures convey. Thanks again to my Dad and Kathie for having me over. After the visit, Sarah flew with me back to California where she stayed for almost two weeks. I had a lot of great pics from this, but I had a big uh-oh and lost most of these pics. The few pics I have are from the end of the visit, and some lower quality ones that Sarah took and sent me. I really enjoyed Sarah's visit, and I miss her a lot.



June 9, 2006
June 10, 2006:



June 11, 2006



Part 1: June 12-June 21

Part 2: June 21-June 25