Kristi and her family

1980's: 1987-1989

1987: Back Row: Kristi (me), Kathie (my step-mom), Ron (my dad), Dee (my aunt), and Alex (my uncle) Giuliani.

Front Row: Andrew (my brother), Alexander (my grandpa), Lorene (my grandma), Mary Beth (my cousin), and Tony (my cousin) Giuliani.


September 1987, Kristi Giuliani (7th grade, age 12, in Mahomet, IL)


1987: Ron Giuliani, Kristi Giuliani, and Rocky. We are building Rocky's fortified bunker.


December 1987: At "the farm,"

Back row: Grandpa Verle Johnson, Matt Johnson (my new cousin), Kristi Giuliani, and Grandma June Johnson.

Front row: (my new cousins--all siblings to eachother) Jennifer, Jeff, and Brent Johnson.


December 1987, Uncle Keith and Aunt Diane Johnson


February 14, 1988: Sarah June Giuliani-- my sister!


February 14, 1988: Kristi and Sarah.


February 14, 1988: Ron (age 36) and Sarah Giuliani.


Spring 1988, Sarah Giuliani (my sister).


Late Spring 1988: All the Johnson Family cousins: Brian Resor, Sean Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Andrew Giuliani, Kristi Giuliani, Jennifer Johnson, Matt Johnson, Sarah Giuliani, Anna Resor, Brent Johnson, and Eric Resor.


1988, Kristi's new hair-do


June 1988, Kristi (age 13), Andrew (age 5.5), and Karen (age 34.5) in Colorado.


September 1988, Kristi Giuliani (8th grade, age 13)


Summer 1989, Kristi (me), Aunt Judy Sturgeon, Karen Giuliani (my mom), Aunt Mary Kay Hamilton, and my cousin Audrey Hamilton.


1989? Andrew Giuliani (my brother)


Summer 1989 in Houston, TX: my mom, Karen Giuliani, and my cousin, Tony Giuliani.


August 1989, Kristi Giuliani (9th grade/Freshman, age 14)


Halloween 1989: Kristi and Sarah Giuliani. Sarah is a rabbit, and I'm a fairy princess. No, that's not dirt on me, nor acne, it's silver glitter.


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