Kristi and her family

1990's: 1990-1992

March 1990, Kristi (me, age 14.5), Ron (my dad, age 38), Kathie (my step-mom, age 31.5), Andrew (my brother, age 7), and Sarah (my sister, age 2) Giuliani


Summer 1990, My Grandma Giuliani with her brothers (my great-uncles): Joe Miles, Gene Miles, Merlin Miles, and Vearon Miles.


Summer 1990, Lorene, Kristi, Kathie, Sarah, and Andrew Giuliani.


September 1990, Kristi Giuliani (10th grade/Sophomore, age 15).


October 31, 1990: Kristi and Sarah Giuliani on Halloween.


July 1991: Most of the Johnson cousins: Brian Resor, Jennifer Johnson, Anna Resor, Sarah Giuliani, Kristi Giuliani, Brian Resor, Sean Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Brent Johnson, and Andrew Giuliani. We are on Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's farm.


July 1991: Grandpa Verle Johnson doing a tractor pull for his grandkids: Brian Resor, Sean Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Sarah Giuliani, Brent Johnson, Anna Resor, Jennifer Johnson, Andrew Giuliani, Eric Resor, and Kristi Giuliani.


September 1991, Kristi Giuliani (11th grade/Junior, age 16).


December 1991, Kristi and Sarah Giuliani.


April 1992, Kristi (me), Andrew (my brother), and Amy (my friend). Amy and I are visiting my mom and brother in Sugarland, TX from IL on our spring break. This photo was taken at Andrew's school during lunch.


Spring 1992, Kristi Giuliani, junior prom.


1992 Kathie Giuliani


July 1992, Kristi and Lorene Giuliani at Grandma's house.


August 1992, Kristi Giuliani (12th grade/senior, age 17)


September 1992, Andrew Giuliani (4th grade, age 10)


1992 Sarah Giuliani (age 4)


1992 Thanksgiving on the farm: Back Row: Sarah Giuliani, Kristi Giuliani, Matt Johnson, Anna Resor, Jeff Johnson, Brian Johnson. Front Row: Eric Resor, Brent Johnson, Sean Johnson, and Jennifer Johnson.


December 1992, Kristi and Sarah Giuliani


Christmas 1992, Sarah and Kristi Giuliani


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