Family Photos 1996-1999


Spring 1996: My Dad's brother Alex with his wife Dannie, and their kids Tony, Lacey, and Tinly.


May 1996, Kristi Giuliani (me) as a new RN, age 20 (soon to be 21).


May 1996, Me with my dad, Ron Giuliani, at my "pinning ceremony" for nursing.


May 1996, Me happy about becoming a nurse.


June 8, 1996: My mom gets married to Dennis Scott in Sugarland Texas. From left to right: Kristi Giuliani (me), Barb Tallman (mom's cousin-like-a-sister), Brittany Scott (my new step-sister), Karen Scott (my mom), Dennis Scott (my new step-dad), Brandon Scott (my new step-brother), Andrew Giuliani (my brother), Brian Scott (my other new step-brother), and Mark Gomez (friend of Dennis). NOTE: I made all the boquets, boutineers, head pieces, and pillow.


1996 Summer: Sarah Giuliani, Andrew Giuliani, and Kristi Giuliani.


1996 Fall: My step-brother Brandon Scott, Grade 2, Age 8.


1996 Fall: My step-sister Brittany Scott, Grade 5, Age 11.


1996 Fall: My step-brother Brian, Senior Year, Age 18.


1996 Fall: My sister Sarah Giuliani, Grade 3, Age 8.


1996 Fall: My brother Andrew, Grade 8, Age 14.


Me and Sarah with some of her class mates on Halloween, 1996. I made her boquet.


1997: Sarah Giuliani at her sister's first apartment.


Father's Day, June 1997, Ron and Kristi Giuliani.


June 22, 1997: Kathie and Kristi Giuliani with a neighbor baby on Kathie's 40th birthday.


June 1997: My mom's brother Tony Sturgeon (my uncle) with his wife Sue, and their children Jessica and Eric.


June 1997, Sarah Giuliani (my half-sister, who again is tagging along with me while I visit my mom's family--of no relation to Sarah, lol), Brittany Scott (my step-sister), and Jessica Sturgeon (my cousin).


Labor Day 1997: My dad's kids and my dad's brother's kids: Me holding Alexis, Tony, Andrew, Lacey, Sarah, and Tinley.


September 1997, Me and a pig at the zoo in Milwaukee, WI.


Fall 1997, my step-brother Brandon Scott, Grade 3, Age 9.


Fall 1997, My step-sister Brittany Scott Grade 6, Age 12.


Fall 1997, My brother Andrew, Grade 9, Age 15.


Halloween 1997, Me and Sarah as M&Ms.