Me and My Family 1998-1999



February 14, 1998, Me and Sarah on her 10th birthday at Skateland.


Fall 1998: My step-brother Brandon Scott, Grade 4, Age 10.


Fall 1998: My step-sister Brittany Scott, Grade 7, Age 13.


Fall 1998: Andrew Giuliani Grade 10, Age 16.


Halloween 1998: Me and my brother Andrew (I'm an indian, and he's a Star Trek guy).


November 1998: Me with my sister Sarah and her friends AJ and Jenna--slumber party at my apartment.


December 1998: Sarah, Kristi, and Andrew celebrating Christmas together.


April 1999: Me in Southern IL on a camping trip.


April 1999: My brother Andrew in Southern IL on a camping trip.


June 1999 in Sugarland, TX: Me with my brother Andrew and my step-brother Brian.


June 1999: Me on Bourbon Street in New Orleans Louisiana, on the way home to IL from TX.


September 1999: Me at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.


September 1999: Me with a calico Donkey in the wild animal park in the Black Hills of South Dakota (I was living in Omaha, NE at the time).


Fall 1999: Andrew Giuliani, Grade 11, Age 17.


Christmas 1999: my 11 year old sister Sarah Giuliani, in IL.