Family Feline Familiars


1946: My Great Grandma Margaret Miles with a kitty.


1961: My Dad Ronnie, my Great-Grandma Nona, my Uncle Alex, and a kitten.


1980: Me and my first cat Charlie. I had been wanting a cat for awhile, and I wanted one more than anything. My parents didn't understand this so much, since neither one of them really likes cats. This is the only picture I have that shows all of him. He ran away a few months later.


1983: My Uncle Tony, Aunt Leona, Me, and Aunt Mary Kaye's cat.


1987: My second cat, Duffy. We thought he was a girl when we first got him (for my 12th bday), and we called him Dollie at first. He didn't really mind one way or the other.


1987: We also got a puppy that summer, named Rocky. These two were best friends. When Duffy died 4 years later, Rocky was very sad, then took off, and was never seen again.


1987: a farm cat at Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's farm.


1988: Duffy in the grass.


1989: Duffy in a tree. I can't believe he let me put him here for a picture, Ashley would never have stood for it!


August 1989: Me with my sister Sarah and Duffy.


December 26, 1991: My 3rd cat, Romeo. He enjoyed kissing, and licking my neck. He was killed after having him about a year and a half.


April 1992: Me with my brother Andrew and his cat Bluebell, and my friend Amy.


August 1998: My 4th cat, Ashley. You can learn more about her on her kitten page.



December 25, 1998: Ashley's littermate Abe, Ashley's Aunt Belay, and Ashley's Uncle Billy.


April 3, 1999: My Grandma Giuliani with her cat Socks.


2001: My sister Sarah's cat, Joker.


2003: My sister Sarah and her cat Sugar (in Wisconsin).


Spring 2005: My sister Sarah (going to prom) holding her cat Cocoa. Cocoa has a really cute nose, and beautiful eyes.


April 27, 2006: My 5th & 6th cats Dagger and Lupe.