Kristi's Kitties Fall/Winter 2005


Me and the 3 kitties all on our outing to the courtyard. November 9, 2005


Dagger doing the Halloween color scheme with the building. November 9, 2005


Dagger and Lupe cuddling on the cat tree November 16, 2005


LOL, Lupe is a happy girl!


Lupe and Dagger love "dryer time." December 2005


Lupe and Dagger cuddle up with the snowmen. December 2005


Lupe dreams of warmer times, like the man on tv. December 2005


Dagger tries to eat gingerbread and candy. He ends up chewing a hole in the "force field" and nibbles on the roof. Then he runs off with the snow man from the yard and bites his head off. I double wrapped the house, and it was safe another week--until the ants moved in :(.


Lupe is mesmerized by the candy cane candle. December 2005.


December 2005: Happy Holidays from Dagger and Lupe! (Don't think I didn't have to re-set up this tree more times than I have fingers to count-- although Ashley was usually the culprit!)