Oahu, HI, Day 4, part 1: Monday, January 8, 2007

On our last day together, we decided to start with swimming, and hanging out on the beach for a little bit.

Kathie was the first in the water, and waves Sarah and me in. Sarah goes out ahead of me.


I look down at my knees, as I am not so sure about the somewhat chilly water. At least it's warmer than the waters off the coast of California.


Diamond Head in the distance, as I ease into the water.


I'm in now, and enjoying my new water-proof digital camera. This is my foot, as I look back towards the hotel.


More fun with the water-proof camera, as I put it underwater and take a picture of whatever-- just so happens to be the side of my abdomen, lol.


Sarah and Kathie go farther out, before we go in a little closer to play in the waves.


Kathie catches a wave!


Sarah catches a high wave!


Mine's not so much.


I have fun in the water anyway, and it's gotten a little warmer now that I'm used to it.


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