Crazy Beautiful Day 4 Part I

We slept in a little finally on day 4. We made arrangements to meet with, and hang out with Lara this day. We went to her hotel (which is actually a condo with a full kitchen) and made breakfast with her and ate there. Then we hit the road for the north, slightly west side of the island (by the old volcano) for the Waihe'e Valley.

Lara and Adam in Waihe'e Valley. We found this area using the Maui Trailblazer book again. We had to follow really funky, specific directions again to find this out of the way place. Lara was making fun of the directions the book gave, and saying something like "when you get to the middle of the dirt path, a rooster will cross your path (as a rooster crosses in front of us) and then you'll go 20 paces farther..." Lol. We did have a little trouble finding this trail, but then we knew we had it, and there was actually a small concession stand just before the trail disappears into the jungle-type forest.

Me and Adam on a swinging bridge made of cables and wood planks. This trail is officially known as the Waihe'e Valley Trail, but also referred to as the swinging bridges trail, as there are two of these bridges on this trail. There were signs posted by the concession stand stating to enter at your own risk, that serious injuries and deaths have occured on the trail. The stalk like trees jutting out behind us is a small forest of bamboo.

Lara and Adam on the same bridge. This bridge is almost 150 feet long and 10 feet above the water.

Heading out on the first bridge.

Me and Lara on the second bridge, this one is about 50 feet long, with a slight uphill grade, nearly 20 feet above the stream.

The view from the bridge

We came upon two more places where the path goes across the stream, only this time there's no bridges! I've got my shoes attatched to my hip-pack, and I'm making my way across.

Back on dry ground, we run through a tunnel of trees and plants

If you look up you can see a ribbon of a waterfall coming down the mountain. We find out later, at the concessions stand, that this was filmed for the movie "Jurassic Park."

Adam crossing the second stream, I waded.

The "hobbit" tree along the stream

Another ribbon of a waterfall in the distance

Me on the trail, with the ocean in the distance.

A local farmer, near the trail, who gave me permission to photograph him.

After the hike we enjoyed the best fruit-popsicles ever in coconut and strawberry. I bought some local honey too. Now we're on our way to get cleaned up and changed at our hotels...