Crazy Beautiful Day 5

Lara's last day in Maui (evening flight at 6pm) so we make it count. We pick up Lara in the morning, after sleeping in a little, and head back to the west coast of Maui for some fun in the sun.

Our first stop is for breakfast on the water at a two story restaurant called "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Lara and I get flapjacks (I also get eggs, bacon, and hash browns), and Adam gets "cheeseburger in paradise for breakfast." (yes that's really on the menu!)

After this we drive up to one of the top rated beaches in the United States, Ka'anapali Beach.

Lara and me, on a boat heading away from Ka'anapali Beach to go parasailing!

Adam and I went up together (tandem) and this is our view down to the boat on our 800 ft. parasail trip. The island of Lanai is in the distance.

looking down at our feet and the incredibly blue ocean water from the parasail.

From the parasail, viewing "jet ski island" where all the wave runner's are docked. This is where we were to head to next.

Looking at Ka'anapali and in the distance, Molokai from the parasail.

Me up in the parasail, next to Adam, holding on to the straps.

Lara going up in the parasail solo.

Adam, Kristi, and Lara, all set to go on our new wave runners. They were all just purchased not even a week ago.

Adam on a wave runner, a parasailer enters the picture on the right.

My wave runner, looking towards Ka'anapali.

I think this picture is of Adam on the wave runner. We had so much fun going around really fast, racing, jumping waves, even sitting and relaxing for brief moments too.

We hightail it back to the hotel with Lara's luggage in the car, we let her use our shower, (since her check-out was 11am), then stop for a quick bite at Quizno's, and then we drop her at the airport with plenty of time to check-in.

Adam, Kristi, and Lara at the airport in Maui. (photo taken by a baggage handler)

We then go back to the hotel for our wash-up, and we've made reservations at one of the most popular restaurants on Maui-- Mama's Fish House. We get there on time for our reservation, but are still asked to wait. The place is really really nice, there is valet parking, and a scenic walkway down to the entrance. While we are waiting, there is a bar area that also has couches to sit on, where you can be served drinks and appetizers. I order a drink called "The Relaxer." It is a frozen tropical drink with a lot of alcohol. Bad move, it stands by it's name-- by the time we were seated for dinner, I was falling asleep sitting up at the table! The menu was printed new each day based on what fish was just caught. The entrees were listed with where the fish was caught at, what boat it was caught on, and who the fisherman was. It turns out that the entree that Adam ordered was caught by our waitor the day before! The food was good, but I only wish I had been more awake to enjoy it to the fullest! I slept in the car the whole way back to the hotel too!