Crazy Beautiful Day 6 Part I

This is my birthday day. The big 3-0. The plan for the day is a 5 hour snorkel cruise, leaving at 7:30am, then beach time, then dinner at a renowned Maui sushi restaurant called Sansei.

This was my view sitting on the bottom deck in the front of the boat (usually alone, for some strange reason. I thought this part would have been crowded). The tanks are for the scuba divers on board, and the kayak is for the life-guard. The bit of land to the left is part of Maui, the little island straight ahead in Molokini island (our first destination for snorkeling), and the land to the right is the island of Kahoolawe.

Me sitting on the lower deck, in the front of the boat. This was during the initial cruise out to Molokini. During this cruise, they served a buffet breakfast, juices, and coffee.

This is a postcard that I bought, that shows Molokini island, with the west part of Maui in the distance. Our snorkel boat went inside the crater area towards the right in this picture. The island is a bird sanctuary, and people are not allowed to set foot on it. The birds sat up on the rock and watched us all, like we were their attraction.

First view of fish under water, snorkeling at Molokini crater. I believe these fish are a black angel fish. We also saw several Blue Jack fish when we first got in.

Adam swimming with the black fish.

Me swimming/snorkeling.

One of the black fish close up.

little blue and littler yellow fish on the coral reef.

The coral reef with a Little Bitty Yellow Tang, a Moorish Idol, and something that I think might be a type of Tang or a type of Angel fish.

A Parrotfish, it was sooo pretty in person.

A gathering of Sea Urchin. I ended up eating some of this raw at dinner!

A Needlefish zooming by with a Moorish Idol below. This Needlefish was so neat, I had never even seen pictures of any before, so I was really amazed when I suddenly saw this different fish in person!

After snorkeling at Molokini, we got back in the boat and went for another cruise over to a place just off the Wailea coastal area of Maui that has been nicknamed "Turtle Town." During this cruise, we were served our choice of cheeseburger, hot dog, veggie burger, or barbecue chicken, along with a macaroni salad, potato salad, and something else I can't remember.